A change in administration of the List

Date: Sun Aug 22 1999 - 16:25:05 EDT

Dear Colleagues of the B-Greek List:

With both relief and sadness, it is time for me to resign as Co-Chair
of this List.

The burden of too many obligations, which means inadequate time to
devote to the task, plus guilt for not pulling my share of the load,
and advancing age (I am close to my 73rd birthday). conspire to
press me to announce my resignation.

Jonathan Robie (ListOwner) and Carl Conrad (Co-Chair) have known for
many months of my intention; and they have aleady arranged for the
appointment of my successor, a choice which I enthusiastically support.

For almost a year, I have been able to do little more than read all
messages, discuss occasional problematic ones with Carl and/or
Jonathan, and then do the sensible thing (which is almost invariably to
agree with Carl's judgment!). A Co-Chair able to be of more help to Carl
is a real necessity; he deserves more heavy-lifting support than I have
been able to manage.

While I am resigning this commission, I plan to stay with B-Greek as a
subscriber; but I do not promise to read every single post in the future!
I have been a subscriber to the List for over eight years, since the first
week David Marotta began it in 1991. There were 20 of us then, quickly
growing to 70, and David announced that he thought it would settle into
a maximum of about 100!

In those first couple of years, angry battles over religious faith or
whatever else erupted rather easily; David Mealand of Edinburgh and I
struggled periodically to get the List back to Greek, which invariably
resulted in hate-mail (which I never learned to receive with comfort).
David Marotta--may he be remembered with gratitude forever!--was very good
about all this, and eventually tapped me to be the Chairman of the Board
(as he called it), to try, together with a volunteer "Board" (later
"Staff"), to work for a calmer atmosphere. Very rapidly I learned that
in Carl Conrad I had the necessary rod and staff to comfort me, helping
to lead us to (somewhat) still waters, and after a year or so, I asked David
to appoint Carl as Co-Chair. The arrangement proved eminently workable,
with the chief problem being that before long I was letting more and more
of the work fall on Carl's shoulders. Now, I am at last being honest
about it!

So, with thanks for all the friends this List has brought me, and gratitude
for the support of many, above all of Carl Conrad, I remain in the ranks
of the crucial people of B-Greek, its subscribers and contributors, but
without the burdens of office.

Edward C. Hobbs

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