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Date: Mon Aug 23 1999 - 15:36:27 EDT

Hershel Shanks in "The Mystery and Meaning of the Dead Sea Scrolls",
Random House 1998 pps. 151-154, hangs an argument on the comparison of
the Deut 32:8 MT with the LXX and a tiny scrap found in cave 4 at
Qumran which is supposed to be Deut 32:8 (contains about 15 letters).

Shanks' argument has a number of serious problems which are off topic
for b-greek but he makes a really big deal out of the reading in the LXX
at Deut 32:8 which he quotes as:

Deut 32:8 LXX : hUIOI TOU QEOU

which he compares to

Deut 32:8 MT : b'nai yisrael


the scrap from cave 4 : b'nai elohim

Shanks has a ideological agenda which will be familiar to all those
acquainted with the evolution of religion school of OT studies. But
ideological agendas aside his argument is based on the agreement of the
LXX with the scrap from Cave 4 and I cannot find Shanks' reading from
the LXX in any of my resources.

Both Rahlfs and BHS (apparatus) show the LXX reading AGGELWN QEOU in
Deut 32:8. My question is, where did Shanks get his reading? The
apparatus in Rahlfs is not very extensive. If someone has access to a
critical edition of Deut LXX could you look it up and see if there is
any support for Shanks' reading?



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