Re: Luke 10:13 - Woe?

From: Jim West (jwest@Highland.Net)
Date: Tue Aug 24 1999 - 13:32:32 EDT

At 12:55 PM 8/24/99 +0000, you wrote:
>In an effort to capture the color and force of OUAI, the Scholars Version
>of the Jesus Seminar translates OUAI SOI BHQSAIDA "Damn you, Bethsaida!" At
>the expense of trying to be current, the use of "damn" loses, not the sense
>of anger, but certainly the sense of the gravity and pain conveyed by the
>original OUAI. As O. Betz notes such, "vulgarizing" destroys the orginal
>thrust of Jesus' words. (_Theologische Literaturzeitung_ 119 (1994), no.
>11, p. 989).

Betz is right. The only thing such vulgarizing accomplishes is some sort of
shock treatment without purpose.

>What is the best understanding of OUAI and can someone provide another way
>to capture the original color and force of the OUAI?

I would suggest something like "how tragic", or "what a horrid travesty".



Jim West, ThD
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