E-Mail in Greek

From: C. E. Core (ccinc@surfree.com)
Date: Mon Aug 30 1999 - 01:43:22 EDT

I ran across a site that teaches modern Greek to English listeners via
real audio, and they had a section there about how to e-mail in greek
characters using the following operating systems, any thoughts on this
or is this a lost cause. They also have a Technical Support Forum.
Their address is : http://www.hri.org/fonts/

          Apple Macintosh Systems
          UNIX Systems
          Windows 3.1 / 3.11 Systems
          Windows 95/98 Systems
          Windows NT 3.51 Systems
          Windows NT 4.0 Systems
          Important: Upgrading to Windows 98 with proper Greek support

I hope this went through ok I have been told that a few of my posts have
only their headers, my apologies for this.

In Christ -chris

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