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> (b) There are no few Biblical texts where the Masoretic OT differs
> considerably from the text of the LXX. I would think that where the LXX
> formulation is cited in the NT and bears upon exegesis of a NT Greek
> passage, one clearly MUST consider the LXX formulation as having
> considerable authority, but

The Dead Sea Scrolls have given us evidence that the LXX in some places
takes us back to an earlier form of the Hebrew Bible. Also, in a fair
number of the LXX books the translation is so painfully literal that one
can use it to reconstruct the Hebrew vorlage. On this topic E. Tov and
his gang have published a number of things worth reading. However, one
should consult the Hebrew when studying the OT.

BTW, Version 3.0 of aCordance has an optional module which is a database
constructed by E. Tov of the LXX/MT showing each variation unit broken
out and organized in canonical order. This tool is useful for textual
research and other things assuming you know how to use it. My copy
didn't come with any document explaining how to use it.

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