Re: The LXX text

Date: Thu Sep 02 1999 - 11:06:09 EDT

>For my own personal use, I've nearly downloaded the Rahlfs' text from
> My question, since I haven't a clue regarding
>textual criticism related to LXX, is this: in your opinion, how good
>is this text? What are the alternatives printed or otherwise?

>Mike Sangrey

You may be interested to know that you need not download every LXX
book individually from U Penn. I host a zippable Rahlf's LXX in MS
Word '97 format at my Septuagint website:
     or (future home):

Other LXX info, including an LXX discussion list, is to be found at
my LXX website:
     or (future home):

Joel D Kalvesmaki
Graduate Student, Early Christian Studies
Catholic University of America

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