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Maurice wrote;

>I take it that the congregation of a small rural church has no great
>interest in theories or aspects of translations in general but _would_ be
>interested in how the English texts they hold in their hands came about.
>Which is why I strongly advocate having a look at:
>Bruce, F.F. A History of the Bible in English. 3rd. Ed. Cambridge:
>Lutterworth, 1979.
>His pellucid style will encourage you to quote verbatim <g>
>At 08:22 03/09/99 -0500, you wrote:
>>I have been assigned the task of talking about the task of translations to a
>>small rural church. I felt that giving some history of translations and
>>some background on the methods of translation would be a wise start. I have
>>been investigating several books, including Metzger's, Text of the New
>>Testament; Comfort's, The Quest for the Original Text; and Carson's, King
>>James Version Debate. I also am looking at books by Jack P. Lewis.
>>What books would you recommend for such a study?

Maurice and Jeffrey have suggested some excellent resources for what you
are doing. I would add to them the little book by Gene Nida concerning the
translation of the TEV. I forget the exact title but I think it is "The
Gospel for Everyone" or something like that. You can get a lot of clear
illustrations from Nida's works. Jeffrey suggested the work by Bruce on the
English Bible. The history is important, especially since it sets the KJV
in its context. That allows you to set forth the basic philosophy of the
KJV translators which was problematic for the likes of Hugh Broughton who
stated that he would as soon "be torn in pieces by wild horses as to foster
such a foul translation on the English people." Over against that I can
truly say that the translators did a very good job. American Bible Society
has a little book that gives the complete preface to the original KJV with
commentary. It is useful.

Then you can go on to Metzger's three reasons why translations always have
to be revised. (Stated in brief in the article on Canon and Text in the
Oxford Companion to the Bible) Bruce's other book, "The Books and the
Parchments" also gives much info on the history before the reformation. It
is easy to read.

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