RE: b-greek digest: September 02, 1999

Date: Sat Sep 04 1999 - 12:38:22 EDT

In his message to Phil Sanders recommending books pertaining to a talk "about
the task of translations to a small rural church," Dr. Winbery referred to

<< the little book by Gene Nida concerning the translation of the TEV. I
forget the exact title but I think it is "The Gospel for Everyone" or
something like that. >>

I believe he is referring to "Good News For Everyone: How To Use the Good
News Bible (Today's English Version)" by Eugene A. Nida. It is a little
paperback book (119 pages), published by Word Books in 1977. ISBN
0-87680-792-9. Finding it may be difficult. I tried to check,
but they are "closed temporarily." A search at Barnes and Noble online did
not find this title (although it did list 23 others by Nida).

Larry G. Overton

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