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Date: Sun Sep 05 1999 - 08:52:52 EDT

At 8:26 AM -0400 9/5/99, Jim West wrote:
>At 07:48 AM 9/5/99 -0700, you wrote:
>>The 1550 Textus Receptus apparently has hAI BASILEIAI. My UBS 3rd lists no
>>variants that support that reading, and reads hH BASILEIA instead.
>>Metzger's Textual commentary does not discuss the verse, so I assume that
>>support for the plural reading is not strong. Does anybody know what that
>>support is?
>There is one mss (number 1 in fact)a 12th century text which has the
>plural. Small wonder UBS 3 doesnt mention it.

Is the fact that only this one has the plural the reason why you say "ONE MSs"?

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