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According to Bruce Metzger Erasmus was missing only the last page (leaf)
of his single 12th cent. Greek manuscript for Revelation. The six verses
on this leaf he supplied from the Latin Vulgate. Erasmus also used the
Vulgate to supply his text of Revelation in a few other places (how
many?) where the Greek text was confused because the explanatory
glosses were mixed in with the text. See Metzger, Text of the NT, 2nd
ed. p. 99.

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J. Robie wrote: >>I have read that some of the KJV renderings in Revelation come from Latin >>rather than Greek manuscripts. Does anyone have access to any information on >>this?

Jim West replied:

> > in fact erasmus had no copy of rev in greek-- so he translated the vulgate > into greek and viola! revelation in greek as the TR has it! > > best, > > jim

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