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Date: Sun Sep 05 1999 - 18:58:30 EDT

Colleagues, and Jim West:

Could Jim tell us what evidence he has that Erasmus himself said he had
no copy of the Apocalypse when he was working on his first edition of
the GNT (1516)?

The complete original publications of Erasmus, including his first edition
of the GNT, are no more than 150 feet from my private library study --
I don't even have to walk up or down a flight of stairs -- and I have in
the past read his own discussions of these matters, in his elegant Latin.
I am quite certain that Carlton and Clay are correct, and so is Metzger--
to wit, that Erasmus' copy of the Apocalypse lacked the final leaf, and
that six verses (16-21) [only] were back-translated by him into Greek.

But maybe that is a wrong recollection on my part, and Carlton's and Clay's
and Metzger's. If you'll give us the reference in Erasmus, I'll check
it out tomorrow. And if you're right, I'll personally call Bruce and ask
him to credit you with the correction in his next printing.

Edward Hobbs

---------------Jim West wrote------------>>>>>>>>>>>

Thanks for the clarifying notes regarding erasmus supposed possession of a
greek edition of revelation.
according to erasmus himself (and not metzger), he possessed no copy of
revelation when he was working on his edition of the NT- the publisher was
pressing him, so he made use of his vulgate and offered his own rendering.

in following editions, perhaps, he acquired a greek text. but in the first
edition, again according to his own testimony, he had to make use of the



Jim West, ThD

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