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Date: Mon Sep 06 1999 - 10:01:55 EDT

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>Paraklesis typically is translated as encouragement or comfort in Phi
>2:1. I've been intrigued by AT Robertson's view that it should be
>translated, ["ground of appeal to you in Christ." See 1Co 1:10; Eph
>4:1]....from Word Pictures.
>I can see a clear contextual reason from the letter for this...people
>facing persecution would be praying for deliverance, and would >probably
>have testimonies of answered prayer in that vein..

The word does indeed convey this notion of protection and deliverance in the
face of persecution in the Christian East. In fact, we have a liturgical
service by this name that appeals to Mary for her intercession and
protection. The service is associated with the Feast of the Protection of
the Mother of God (October 1). This Feast commemorates her saving of the
City of Constantinople from Saracen invaders during the reign of Constantine
VII (mid-900's I believe).

The service cites the myriad times that God has rescued his people in the
past and confidently asks for Mary's intercession with God for our situation

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