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Date: Tue Sep 07 1999 - 07:45:09 EDT

At 06:52 AM 9/7/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear List Members,
> I am a relatively new member (since 7/99) and a "Little Greek". I have
>thoroughly enjoyed reading the posts and desire to continue to do so as I
>learn to read Greek. My question regards Greek concordances. Could you please
>give me your recommendations and critiques about the ones available
>(particularly Moulton and Geden;

This is the one I use the most and like the best. The drawback- it is not
based on the most recent critical edition of the NT, NA27. Nevertheless, it
is excellent and thorough.


Not too fond of this one- but for aesthetic reasons really.

 Clapp and Friberg;

Dont know this one.

>Concordance to the NA26;

And I dont know which one you mean by this.

> etc.) If this is off topic, please respond to me
>personally. Thank you greatly in advance.



Jim West, ThD
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