Wallace's Grammar available in electronic book format

From: Michael Burer (burer@geocities.com)
Date: Wed Sep 08 1999 - 11:58:05 EDT


I recently came across some information which I thought would be useful to
B-Greek list members. I study under Dan Wallace, and he recently told me his
grammar ("Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics") will soon be available in
electronic book format. It will be available as a CD for PC format using the
Logos Library search engine. The Logos software will be included on the CD
as well, so no additional software will be necessary to use the grammar. The
price is $39.95, and it will be available from the DTS Bookstore
(800/992-0998 for the seminary switch board) or on the Biblical Studies
Foundation web site (www.bible.org) where he has contributed various
articles. From what I understand, the CD's are being burned this week, and
they will be available for purchase late this week or early next.

By the way, the seminary book store is closed for remodeling Sept. 13-17, so
it would be best to call Sept. 20 or later.

Best regards,

Michael Burer
Ph.D. Student
Dallas Theological Seminary

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