Re: Wallace's Grammar available in electronic book format

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Thu Sep 09 1999 - 05:46:54 EDT

At 8:11 PM -0500 9/8/99, Michael Burer wrote:
>> Hi Michael,
>> Thanks for the information. You mentioned Logos, does that mean that there
>is not a
>> Mac version available, and what about in the future? Thanks for any
>> in Christ -chris
>I asked Dr. Wallace about this. He said there are no plans currently for a
>Mac version, but there may be one in the future. He said nothing about a
>time frame, so I assume there are no definite plans.

I asked Michael about this earlier when he proposed sending this notice to
the list, and I suspected the answer was as he now reports it. It does seem
to me that it's the sort of thing the Gramcord/AcCordance people might be
interested in (are you there, Paul Miller and Dale Wheeler?); another
thought is that even I, committed Apple-polisher that I am, am beginning to
think it's worth putting a Windows-emulator on my spacious iMac hard-drive
for a few things of this nature.

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