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Date: Sat Sep 18 1999 - 11:54:11 EDT

At 8:35 AM -0500 9/18/99, Jeffrey B. Gibson wrote:
>"Carl W. Conrad" wrote:
>> At 9:28 PM -0500 9/17/99, Joseph Brian Tucker wrote:
>> >Greetings
>> >
>> >I have placed the entire sentence in one post instead of breaking it up,
>> >thanks for the suggestion. I hope it makes answering the questions easier.
>> Why do I get the impression that we are composing, bit by bit, a new
>> commentary on the Greek text of Philippians? Looks like we began back on
>> September 3 and have been plodding along verse by verse. Oder?
>To these eyes it looks like you're doing his homework for him!

Yes, I get that impression too. But perhaps I can publish my own
contributions to it? I do hope I get through what I'm trying to say about
that "classification" nonsense.

>Good to hear that you'll be coming to SBL. Have you booked your ticket
>yet? Do >you know when you'll be arriving and departing?

No, I'm really wondering whether I ought to go; my brother-in-law is going
very rapidly with Melanoma and isn't expected to last past Thanksgiving. We
may have to drive to Thanksgiving, or my wife may want to go down to NC
Thanksgiving week, and I think it's more important for me to stick around
here, if that be the case. My primary reason for wanting to go was the
B-Greek gathering that Edward Hobbs at one point said that he wanted to
host. I just don't know yet whether I'll go or not.


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