Gen 3:15: Alternative Greek translation of "SHWPH"

From: Terrence J. Boyle (
Date: Fri Sep 17 1999 - 17:44:05 EDT

The Septuagint, in Gen 3:15, translated the Hebrew verb "SHWPH" as "TEREO"
both times it is used in that passage

I have an edition of the Septuagint (published in London, England,by Samuel
Bagster and Sons) which has, as a footnote to these future tense
"..TERESEI...TERESEIS..." readings, the statement that there are variant
readings of "...TEIRESEI...TEIRESEIS...[will crush...will crush...]".

Could the verb "TEIRO" have meant "crush," "bruise," wound," "batter" or
the like, at the time of the LXX translation?

And, if so, could that verb have had future forms "...TEIRESEI...TEIRESEIS..."?

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