Re: Philippians 1:8

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Thu Sep 16 1999 - 13:54:10 EDT

At 1:21 PM -0500 9/16/99, Joseph Brian Tucker wrote:
>1. If MARTUS is a predicate nominative preceding an understood ESTIN whose
>subject is hO QEOS, does this predicate nominative - verb - subject
>construction fit Colwell's Rule?

If you care or dare to search our archives both before and after the move
of the site in May 1998, you'll find correspondence and discussion AD
NAUSEAM on Colwell's rule, most of it concerned with the problems of John
1.1c. But that really doesn't have much bearing on this verse; the
word-order here is garden-variety positioning of predicate word ahead of
the implicit copula and what can only be the subject, the noun with its

>2. What is the force of the phrase EN SPLAGCNOIS?

Adverbial; I'd call it an instrumental usage ("with," "by means of")--his
yearning has its basis in the "gut feelings" of the corporate body of
Christ, i.e. in the intensity of feelings that authentic members of the
body of Christ feel for each other.

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