Re: 1 Clem. 1:1

From: Steve Puluka (
Date: Fri Sep 24 1999 - 06:07:06 EDT

>For 1 Clem. 1:1, hH ECCLHSIA TOU QEOU hH PAROIKOUSA RWMHN, what do y'all
>(as we say down here) think of "The church
>of God that resides as a foreigner in Rome"? I'm trying to come >up with
>something that carries the right nuance for PAROIKOUSA ("sojourn" or
>"dwell" or even "temporarily dwells" don't quite cut it, though I like the
>last option best among the three.

I am used to this being rendered sojourn in other translations. In visiting
both the Greek Lexicon and English Dictionary I think this is the best word
to capture the "temporary" nature of the dwelling on earth. Both words
capture that subtle apocalyptic character better than "temporarily dwells"
which sounds like something I might tell the post office on a forwarding

Steve Puluka
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Byzantine Catholic Archeparchy of Pittsburgh
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