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>Jim West suggests "roofing thatch," wile Margaret Wilkins argues that Rahab
>was preparing flax for spinning and weaving into cloth.
>Margaret's explanation sounds more plausible to me. Jim, do we have
>archaeological evidence for thatched roofs in early Iron Age Palestine? Is
>there any archaeological or literary evidence that flax in particular was
>used this way? As far as I know, houses were typically built with flat
>roofs made of poles covered with mud and plaster. I never heard of a
>thatched roof in ancient Palestine. But what do I know? Can anyone cite
>evidence for thatched roofing?

I will search diligently through Helga Weippert's "Palaestina in
Vorhellenistischer Zeit" to see what she says.

>So it appears to me that Margaret is on the right track with LINOKALAMHN in
>the Rahab story.

Could be.



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