From: George Goolde (
Date: Thu Oct 07 1999 - 15:17:21 EDT


Given the reasons you gave, and the lack of compelling evidence as to
whether flax was stalks alone, or was being prepared for one specific
purpose or another, why not merely translate "flax" and let the reader

If you believe this is too obscure, why not transliterate (as in "baptism")
and, again, let the reader interpret?

I guess what I am really saying is that if all the cognizant academes on
this list don't really know what specifically it means, are we not forcing
a point to try to accomplish a translation more specific than flax? I do
think our brother put it well: The point of the passages is that Rahab hid
the spies under some stuff!



George A. Goolde
Professor, Bible and Theology
Southern California Bible College & Seminary
El Cajon, California

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