Re: To save bandwidth? (was: Re: Exegetical Considerations)

From: Ed Gorham (
Date: Wed Oct 13 1999 - 11:05:08 EDT

I don't think I expressed my original question well, so I'll try again.
It might be best to use an example. This morning (10/13) I received
yesterday's digest. Carl responded to a post on Ez. 37:9. Here's how his
message looks on the digest. He snips the portion he wants to address,
replies, then signs it. You would expect that to be the end of the post.

Then - and this is the part I'm wondering about - the entire text that I
have just described, (question, reply and signature), appears again, in
full, below double dotted lines, and is constantly broken up by things
like <font> <para> <Arial>, etc. etc. Sometimes numbers or dashes and other
digital encoding type commands appear.

This doubles, and sometimes triples the length of a post. When you consider
that any number of post-ers might be sending messages this way on a given
day, it seems to waste a lot of time and space. What I am wondering is, is
this a function of how I am receiving the digest, or is it a function of
how the messages are being sent? It does not happen on everyone's message,
but seems to be consistent with certain users (it always seems to be a
feature of Carl's messages,for example, but not Jim's). Can anything be
done about it either way?

Again, thanks in advance for your help.

Ed Gorham

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