To save bandwidth? (was: Re: Exegetical Considerations)

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Mon Oct 11 1999 - 16:15:24 EDT

<x-rich>At 9:45 PM +0200 10/11/99, Mark Markham wrote:

<excerpt>Dear George,


Unless we have Gracea font and rich text ability we missed the
Greekness of the messgae below. BTW The font did come in clear for
me-- you must use logos or one of my other Greek progies that installed
my font.






May I urge those who have comments concerning long posts to delete the
long posts unless there's something from them that the comments bear
directly upon? The above was a 12K message, 11K of which could have
been omitted. And also: please don't send posts with material in
non-ASCII fonts pasted in; for those who have the fonts and the right
kind of mail program, that may work, but for most people it comes up
either as gobbledygook or with HMTL labels. This is not, perhaps, a
matter of list etiquette, but it surely eliminates some grumpy feelings
when one opens mail.

The Old Grump

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