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Date: Fri Oct 15 1999 - 06:07:00 EDT

Dave, I realize that you have already received a lot of answers to your
So, I won't go further in it, but let me tell you a couple of suggestions:
I see that you are seriously interested in textual criticism, so if you want
a book dealing with this question in a practical manner, I think you should
read Metzger's "A extual Commentary on the Greek New Testament", UBS 1975
(1971). This book is a commentary on the work done in the third edition of
the UBS Greek New Testament.
One more (and striking) question is about your statement:

> I understand there is a difference between earlier and later Greek MMS and
> that the earlier the better,

This is a concept that seems to be of common sense, but it's absolutely
false! Be careful.

The quality of a text depends on its transmission, so a text copied in an
early date can be as full of errors as another one created more recently.
And a text copied very later can reproduce a good text. You will say: "OK,
but the more copies of copies of a text the more corruption into it." Yes,
of couse, but that a text is, for example, from the XIV century, it doesn't
imply that there has been a lot of copies between this one and the
recension, perhaps it's a copy directly from a very old ms.!

Well, I only wanted to sort out this dangerous statement.

Samuel Sais

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