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Date: Fri Nov 05 1999 - 13:02:56 EST

>From one pup to another

There are many many manuscripts of the GNT or portions of the
The best critical edition is Nestle-Aland's "Novum Testamentum
Graece" (27th edition) NA27 is the abbreviation for it. Itshows
many of the differences in the manuscripts, called variants.

Another critical edition is the United Bible Society's 4th Ed GNT. It
has the same text as NA27 but shows fewer variants. But it has
some advantages or the NA27
1. It evaluates the evidence for the text. The NA27 says here's the
variants you figure out which text is best.
2. A companion volume to the UBS GNT is "A textual commentary
on the Greek New Testament" by Bruce Metzger. It explains,
verse by verse, why the committee evaluated the text the way they
3. It is easier on the eyes.

Two books on the subject I found helpful are:
"The text of the new testament. It transmission, Corruption, and
Restoration" by Bruce Metzger.
"The text of the New Testament: An introduction to the Critical
editions and to the theory and Practice of modern textual criticism"
by barbara aland and kurt aland

Hope this helps

Lord Blessings,

Bob Bower
Concordia Theological Seminary
Fort Wayne, IN
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