interesting grammatical points of interest in Lk 4:16-30?

From: Tom Conry (
Date: Thu Nov 04 1999 - 21:07:30 EST

Hello, and thank you for all the help you've given me since I
discovered this list! Although I rarely post, I have learned a
great deal from the discussions here, and hope to learn more.
I'm giving a short presentation on Luke 4:16-30 and, although the
presentation is not particularly focused on grammar, I'd like to
be able to point out any particular grammatical "points of
interest." I've made my own translation and it looks pretty
straightforward to me, but I'm suspicious that it may be because
I'm such a novice. In light of those suspicions I went to the
archives but, lacking a search engine (or at least not knowing
how to find and use one if it's there) I gave up after going
through as much as I could.
I wonder if anyone has any suggestions or perhaps could point me
in the direction of previous threads?
Thanks for your consideration.

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