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Date: Mon Oct 18 1999 - 11:40:07 EDT

<x-rich>At 10:33 AM -0500 10/18/99, Carl W. Conrad wrote:

<excerpt>There are two problematic points in this post that concern me:
(1) the interpretation of AUQENTEIN ANDROS as "act independently from
(a/her) man/husband" and (2) the interpretation of DIDASKEIN as
functioning somehow epexegetically to AUQENTEIN).


Since people do in fact tend to read and respond to the first thing
they read, and only then go on and read other incoming mail, this
correction will do no good! Nevertheless, (2) above is stated wrongly
and should read: "(2) the interpretation of AUQENTEIN KTL. as a
doctrine that the author will not permit the teaching of."


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