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<x-rich>At 9:15 PM -0700 10/16/99, Michael Abernathy wrote:

<excerpt>Paul Dixon said porneia "cannot be adultery or prostitution,
since the lawful punishment for such is death by stoning." You might
want to reconsider this argument. There is substantial evidence that
during the New Testament period divorce, not stoning, was the usual
consequence of adultery (See. Markus Bockmuehl's article "Matthew 5.32;
19.9 in the Light of Pre-Rabinnic Halakhah" <italic>New Testament
Studies</italic> vol. 35, 1989, pp. 291-295). Also consider Joseph's
planned divorce of Mary upon finding that she was pregnant.


Ah ..., but that was because he was a DIKAIOS ANHR!

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