Re: Re: Bear with me, here. :-)

From: Joe A. Friberg (
Date: Tue Oct 19 1999 - 11:23:03 EDT

> comments from Randall Buth:

> >but emically,
> >the same pronunciation should be used for both /oi/ and /u/,
> >and that pronunciation for 'oi' should be distinguished from /i,ei/,
> >as well as from /ou/.

On this one point I would disagree. While it may be historically
inaccurate, I have attempted to maintain a distinction between each
graphemically distinct vowel and dipthong. I find this helpful for
learning/remembering spellings. I would suggest the heuristic value
outweighs historical considerations, esp. for the beginner. The learning of
the collapse of various sounds can come later, when one is ready to deal
directly w/ the papyrii!

God Bless!
Joe Friberg

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