Re: 1 Timothy 2:12

From: Steven Craig Miller (
Date: Mon Oct 18 1999 - 09:03:58 EDT

<x-flowed>Andreas J. Kostenberg read a paper at the 1992 AAR-SBL Annual Meeting in
San Francisco (S153) entitled: "Syntactical Parallels to 1 Timothy 2:12 in
Extrabiblical Greek Literature." Does anyone have the "Abstracts" for that
meeting, and was the basic argument for his paper presented in the
"Abstracts"? I still have his handout from that meeting, but unfortunately
his handout doesn't summarize his argument (nor did I think to write it
down). I remember at that time being quite impressed with his argument (and
thinking it important for understanding 1 Tim 2:12), but now I'm kind of
vague on the details. If someone could help me out here, I would appreciate it.

-Steven Craig Miller
Alton, Illinois (USA)

 From Luther's Large Catechism: "Why, do you think, is the world now so
full of unfaithfulness, shame, misery, and murder? It is because everyone
wishes to be his or her own master, be free from all authority, care
nothing for anyone, and do whatever he or she pleases. So God punishes one
knave by means of another" (BoC 386.154).

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