The Bible I ended up with...

From: Geoffrey Lessel (
Date: Wed Oct 20 1999 - 00:30:52 EDT

Since I got an overwhelming response to my question, quite a bit more than
expected, actually, I decided to let you guys in on what my decision was
and why.

I visited the DTS bookstore and found their Greek NTs and indeed, they had
both the USB4 and the N/A versions. There was an opened USB4 but I could
not find an opened N/A, so I had them open it up for me. Here's what it
came down to: I stood there looking at both of them for a long time (I'm
quite indesicive when it comes to spending what little money this college
student can muster up :-) ) and finally chose the USB4. Here's why...

First of all, know that these are POVs from a total newbie who knows
literally nothing about variants or witnesses and such. I liked the font
in the USB4, I thought it was easier to distinguish the letters. I liked
to look at all the extra symbols and writing in the columns in the N/A
edition, but decided that right now, those would just distract me and
completely confuse me. I liked the important-looking cover on the N/A
edition where it's not English, but decided that trying to impress someone
with the outside of my Bible is no reason to choose a Bible at all!... I
liked the fact that the USB4 had the lexicon (no matter how small, it is
still easy to use for quick look-ups, and until I can afford a real
lexicon, this will do). So after quite a bit of time holding them, looking
at them wishing I could read them, and flipping through them to see what
extra stuff they might have, I walked out with a brand new USB4 Greek
Bible. I figured that if I got to be as good as you guys, I just might go
back and buy the other one because it might have some useful information
that I might want to know later on. But for now, I am completely happy
with mine...even though the cover is in English...


Thanks for all your help,
Geoffrey Lessel
Sophomore -- Southern Methodist University (Dallas, TX)

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