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From: Eric Weiss (
Date: Thu Oct 21 1999 - 00:49:33 EDT

The last few times I was at the Dallas Theological Seminary bookstore, they
had quite nicely lowered the prices of their Greek New Testaments (UBS4 and
NA27) to ... the exact same prices in the ABS catalog - e.g., $27.99 (UBS4
with Greek-English dictionary), I believe. And ... since DTS doesn't charge
tax on Bibles and Commentaries, it's actually cheaper than ordering from
ABS, since there's no handling or postage charge, just your shoewear or gas
or bus fare to get there.

And ... don't feel bad about getting UBS4 without all the "extras" that
were mentioned - Eusebius' stuff, etc. UBS4 has cross-references, and, if
you get Metzger's Textual Commentary (again, at DTS bookstore, for the same
price as ordering from ABS - $21.00 or so), it will comment on all the
variants in UBS4 - something you can't get for NA27 - you have to read
Metzger's Textual Transmission book or the Aland's book to get an idea
which manuscripts and variants have the best support, etc. (I have both
GNTs myself, though - and you will, too, someday - or NA28/UBS5.)

On 10/20/99, ""N & RJ Hanscamp" <>" wrote:
> <Much snipped>
> So after quite a bit of time holding them, looking
> >at them wishing I could read them, and flipping through them to see what
> >extra stuff they might have, I walked out with a brand new USB4 Greek
> >Bible. I figured that if I got to be as good as you guys, I just might go
> >back and buy the other one because it might have some useful information
> >that I might want to know later on. But for now, I am completely happy
> >with mine...even though the cover is in English...
> Greetings from one Methodist place to another....
> BTW what did you pay for your new UBS4 GNT?
> Nigel
> Nigel Hanscamp
> Trinity Methodist Theological College
> Auckland Consortium of Theological Education, New Zealand
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