From: Heath Curtis (
Date: Thu Oct 21 1999 - 19:57:14 EDT

  I am an undergraduate senior working on an exegetical study of I Tim.
Chapter two. I have run up against AUQENTEW as used by Paul in the
(in)famous passage concerning the role of men and women. In my search for a
good synchronic and diachronic meaning for the word I have had little luck.
The entry in Liddell and Scott mentions only one usage which may antedate I
Tim: a papyrus fragment from Egypt housed in Berlin. I believe that this is
what BAGD alludes to when it mentions a "well attested Egyptian law" but I
am uncertain. Thus my questions:

1) Can anyone help me get my hands on the elusive BGU (Berliner greichische
2) Am I missing any other pre-Pauline usages in other Greek literature?

Thanks in advance,
Heath R. Curtis
Concordia University-Nebraska

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