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> I am an undergraduate senior working on an exegetical study of I Tim.
>Chapter two. I have run up against AUQENTEW as used by Paul in the
>(in)famous passage concerning the role of men and women. In my search for a
>good synchronic and diachronic meaning for the word I have had little luck.
>The entry in Liddell and Scott mentions only one usage which may antedate

Take a few minutes and read Adolf Deissmann's "Light From the Ancient East",
p. 88ff (sec. 15)., he discusses it and has plenty of bibliography.

BGU 103 is a 6th or 7th c. christian papyrus letter.

Interestingly, the Midrash on Esther 1:22 says "If a man wants to eat
lentils and his wife wants to eat beans, can he force her? Surely she does
as she likes. Rabbi Phineas said, No, and if he does, he makes himself a
laughing stock".



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