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> In the Hebrew NT I happen to have the greek term kaqhghths is
> translated 'moreh' here. It sets me to pondering, is it possible that
> the author is here suggesting that the leader of the Qumran community,
> like the "rabbis" and "fathers" should not be viewed as authoritative (in
> such a way that their authority eclipses Jesus's). I.e., were there folk
> in the early Church who did, in fact, follow rabbis, fathers, and "righteous
> teachers" and thus the author of the Gospel writes to curb the effect of
> their authority?

 Dear Jim

 Some think that verse 10 is a doublet of verse 8, hUMEIS DE MH KLHQHTE
 hRABBI: hEIS GAR ESTIN hUMWN hO *DIDASKALOS*, ktl. Aleph and B have
 DIDASKALOS; but most of the rest have KAQHGHTHS here in verse 8 as well
 as in verse 10. A DIDASKALOS is what we would call a "Doctor"; whereas
 a KAQHGHTHS is a "Master". The Vulgate has Magister in both places.

 My Hebrew/English diglott NT (Franz Delitzsch) has at verse 8, KiY 'eCFD
 HuW' RaBB:CeM HaMMF$iYaC... and at verse 10, KiY 'eCFD HuW' MaN:HiYG:CeM
 HaMMF$iYaC... A MiN:HFG is a driver of horses, a drover of cattle, or a
 commander of an army: quite an appropriate title for the Good Shepherd, and
 the Ruler with the Rod of Iron.

 We do know from 1 Corinthians 1:12 that the "cult of the personality" was
 rife in that particular church. No doubt our Lord could foresee that
 develpoment, and no doubt here he tries to anticipate it and nip it in the

 You cite MoReH as a translation of KAQHGHTHS. Maybe the translator meant
 the Aramaic MFRe', Lord, as in MARAN AQA or MARANA QA (1 Corinthians 16:22).
 The root M-R-H means to rebel!

 My $0.02

 Revd Ben Crick, BA CF
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