Comparison of NA26 and TR (was: Re: NT)

From: Perry L. Stepp (
Date: Thu Nov 04 1999 - 10:57:24 EST

At 2:38 PM +0100 11/4/99, wrote:
>>I would like to ask you if you know some web page where can I find the all
>>verses in the NT - the differencies between the Nestle 26 ed. and Textus
>>receptus main text? I need this informations for the revision of the NT in
>>Czech language and I would like to print the all differences to New
>>Edition of the Czech translation. Could you help me?
>Thank you very much
>Let God bless you
>Zdenek Sykora

Probably the easiest-to-use incarnation of such a list would be the
apparatus in the Farstad/Hodge edition of the Majority Text (MT)--as I
recall, in the footnotes they list every variation between their text and
both the TR and the NA26.

I have forwarded your query to the tc-list and to Maurice Robinson, the guru
of all things MT. If there's a perfect solution to your problem, he'll


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