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<< Is anyone on the list familiar with the Granville Sharp construction?

(article + substantive + KAI + substantive)

Substantives must agree.

Example: TOUS...POIMENAS KAI DIDASKALOUS, "the shepherds, that is, teachers"
(Eph. 4:11)

Shepherds and teachers are referring to the same group, with "teachers"
being a further description of "shepherds".

This is a rule of construction that I have been taught in Seminary. What
think ye? Is it legitimate? The rule is much more involved than what I have
stated, but this is the basis of it.

Dan Wallace wrote his dissertation on this. According to his grammar, p. 284
this plural construction should be understood as pastors and other teachers.
Pastors are a subset of the larger teacher group. Note that according to
Sharp's rule, the substantives must be singular.

Charles Powell

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