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Date: Sat Nov 13 1999 - 14:07:22 EST

Grant wrote;
> I have been part of B-Greek for a few weeks but I'm learning Greek.
>I >have a limited knowledge. My question is: "At Luke 17:21, "oude
>erousin >idou wde h ekei idou gar h basileia tou yeou entov umwn estin"
>can this be >translated "The Kingdom of God is in your midst or the
>Kingdom of God is >inside of you." Aside from any religious beliefs, is
>"in your midst" an >acceptable translation? The reason i say this is
>because if it is translated >"inside of you" it gives the idea that the
>Kingdom of God is a heart condition >which i sincerely don't feel fits
>the context of the passage and how >you(plural) is relating to the
>Pharisees as the subject. I don't even know if >i am writing to
>the correct place but i would much appreciate a clarification. >
>sincerely, grant

Grant, first of all we would like to know a bit more about you. Would you
please develop a signature or otherwise include something of who your
and/or what you do.

ENTOS hUMWN ESTIN. I can read my transliteration better than yours.

ENTOS hUMWN ESTIN can be translated either "in you" (inner reality as over
against external, visible [PARATHRHSEWS]) or "among you." I think though
that the last meaning would have been conveyed better by using EN hUMIN. I
think that the former reading fits nicely into this context.

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