hpx-leg in Colossians

From: RobertP (rbrtp@friko4.onet.pl)
Date: Wed Nov 17 1999 - 11:12:42 EST

Dear B-greeker's !

This is my firsth official question on this forum. My girl-friends who
is studing classic philology starts to write a master's thesis: The role
of hapax legomena in The Letter of Colossians.
We are bow very interesting in this topic, but we have some problems:
1. I read in one commentary that in this letter there are 34 hpx leg NT.
I now only about 6. Can sombody send me a list of thiese words or a
hint when I can find it.
2. How it is in comparision with others letters of Paul? Does they have
also so much hpx leg ? ( 34 in a letter which contains only 4 chapters
it is I thinks much


Robert Piorewicz

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