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Date: Fri Nov 19 1999 - 11:43:30 EST

On 17 Nov 99, at 17:12, RobertP wrote:

> Dear B-greeker's !
> This is my firsth official question on this forum. My girl-friends
> who is studing classic philology starts to write a master's thesis:
> The role of hapax legomena in The Letter of Colossians. We are bow
> very interesting in this topic, but we have some problems: 1. I read
> in one commentary that in this letter there are 34 hpx leg NT. I now
> only about 6. Can sombody send me a list of thiese words or a hint
> when I can find it. 2. How it is in comparision with others letters
> of Paul? Does they have also so much hpx leg ? ( 34 in a letter
> which contains only 4 chapters it is I thinks much
> Regards
> Robert Piorewicz

Dear Robert,

the issue of hapax legomena is very interesting indeed. I got in its
stranglehold once and dealt with it in a minor chapter of my doctoral
thesis (especially talking about those hapax legomena in 2Peter).
There is a brilliant book by my colleague Christian Wagner giving
some major insights in the problem of how to define and how to
any use of hapax legomena. If you want to look up the hapax of a
specific biblical text, you might refer to Aland. Both are given
underneath. But do not forget that there might be some
problems of how to define a hapax legomenon.

Please, do not hesitate to contact me off-list if you have got any
questions or indications. You can also have the relevant pages of
thesis, which unfortunately still is unpublished (but time will come,
next spring).

C. Wagner, Die Septuaginta-Hapaxlegomena im Buch Jesus
Sirach. Untersuchungen zu Wortwahl und Wortbildung unter
besonderer BerŸcksichtigung des textkritischen und
Ÿbersetzungstechnischen Aspekts, BZAW 282, Berlin-New York
K. Aland, Hg., VollstŠndige Konkordanz zum griechischen Neuen
Testament. Bd. II: SpezialŸbersichten, ANTT 4, Berlin 1978.
Good luck and best wishes,

Thomas J. Kraus

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