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From: Steve Puluka (spuluka@hotmail.com)
Date: Fri Nov 26 1999 - 16:24:40 EST

<x-flowed>Over the last few months I have shared a few Old Church Slavonic
translations of Septuagint texts under discussion on the list. Maurice was
kind enough to point out an Old Church Slavonic Tutorial site on the web,
which I am sharing with the list with his permission.

>Steve: This site has moved lately --- you'll find it at:
>Enjoy! Maurice A. O'Sullivan [Bray, Ireland]

This site is very basic and aimed at allowing people to read liturgical
prayers at this point. b-greekers may be interested to see how the Greek
missionaries expanded the alphabet to accomadate Slav words. The site
requires plug-ins to use the tutorial, but you can go there without the
plug-in and down load the adobe PDF file of the alphabet reference card.

PDF download page:

A nice large type web page of the Old Church Slavonic Cyrillic Alphabet is

Or this site displays the Lords Prayer in modern Russian with Old Church
Slavonic below

Neither Jellicoe in his book "The Septuagint in Modern Study" nor Metzger in
his works about the New Testament, consider the Old Church Slavonic
translation to be a major indicator for original text. But in trying to
learn and translate from the original biblical texts I usually consult more
than one English translation. This helps me see the different ways the text
can be viewed.

Likewise, I am now consulting the Old Church Slavonic translation to see how
a much earlier group of translators consider the original text. Not a
conclusive exercise, but illuminating none the less.

Other sites of interest on Old Church Slavonic are:

One page backgrounder on Old Church Slavonic

Church Slavonic Resources page

the German slavistics server
Studies of Old Church Slavonic and papers (mostly German, some English)
Texts and Grammers on-line

Ancient script homepage showing samples of the Glagolitic version of the
alphabet. This is the precursor to Cyrillic. There are script samples from
all over the world here as well.

University of Helsinki Old Church Slavonic books transcribed to English
Alphabet on the web

Old Church Slavonic Fonts

The Website for Digitizing Medieval Slavonic Manuscripts in Bulgaria
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Select the projects link and choose
Cyril and Methodius and the Early Medieval Slavic World: Byzantium and the
Slavs in the 9th century AD

Digital Preservation of Medieval Manuscripts
Biblical Readings in Medieval Slavonic Manuscripts:
one SGML model
Abstract of a paper proposing the standard for SGML

Old Church Slavonic Center- University of Gdansk
A nice map showing the regions using Old Church Slavonic and a promise of an
index of information at a future date

The Less Commonly Taught Languages Project-
They provide resources for organizations and teachers and list offerings all
over the United States for languages like Old Church Slavonic that are not
commonly offered.

Steve Puluka
Adult Education Instructor
Byzantine Catholic Archeparchy of Pittsburgh

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