Rev 4:8 Trisagion

From: Tony Costa (
Date: Fri Nov 26 1999 - 12:54:36 EST

<x-flowed>Dear friends,

  I had a question re: the 'trisagion' found in Rev 4:8. It appears 3 times,
"holy, holy, holy". This comes from Isaiah 6:3 which in both the LXX and MT
also have "holy" 3 times. However, there is another MS or MSS which have
"hAGIOS" appearing 9 times at Rev 4:8. This does not appear as a textual
variant, but seems to have been added for emphasis. Any thoughts on why this
is the case? Many thanks.

                                      Tony Costa,B.A.
                                      Univ.of Toronto

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