Re: Shepherd of Hermas in BAGD

From: Steven Craig Miller (
Date: Tue Nov 30 1999 - 12:59:00 EST

<x-flowed>To: Maurice A. O'Sullivan,

<< Running a search in the Logos program, I found what I consider a
remarkable statistic:
Occurrence of "Hermas" in BAGD: 4408 in 1761 >>

I'm impressed that you have an electronic edition of BAGD (I didn't know
that such existed). But I'm puzzled by the expression: "4408 in 1761", what
does this mean?

As an aside, I'll note that Alsop's index to BAGD is limited to only the
canonical NT, the "Other Early Christian Literature" was ignored.

-Steven Craig Miller
Alton, Illinois (USA)

"O villain! thou wilt be condemned into everlasting redemption for this"
(Shakespare, "Much Ado About Nothing", 4.2.60-61).

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