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Date: Tue Nov 30 1999 - 15:13:32 EST

Steven Craig Miller <> wrote in response to Maurice
A. O'Sullivan's comment:
> << Running a search in the Logos program, I found what I consider a
> remarkable statistic:
> Occurrence of "Hermas" in BAGD: 4408 in 1761 >>
> I'm impressed that you have an electronic edition of BAGD (I didn't know
> that such existed). But I'm puzzled by the expression: "4408 in 1761",
> does this mean?

Dear Steven and Maurice,

BAGD 2nd edition is available through Logos:

The 4408 means that the word _Hermas_ is found 4408 times in BAGD, and that
there are references to _Hermas_ under 1761 different Greek words.


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