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Date: Tue Nov 30 1999 - 23:18:56 EST

Bart Erhmann wrote;
>>> Does it mean
>>>"make a woman pregnant?" Or "to be/become the father of a child that has
>>>just been born?" Or something else? Could it mean "to give birth" even
>>>if applied to a man (or to a God)?

Carl Conrad replied;

>There's an old-fashioned verb, "sire," which perhaps is more appropriate to
>animal husbandry than to standard GNT and patristic usage. I think that
>"generate" would be a pretty good term; it may, because of English
>cognates, appear rather mechanical, but this good Latin verbal root has
>good credentials: from GENER-, the root of GENUS, "produce of new one of
>one's kind."
Was it the Cotton Patch Version that had 1 John 5:1b "He who loves the
begator should love the begatee!"?

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