From: Dave Palmer (
Date: Thu Dec 02 1999 - 20:14:10 EST

Daniel Christian wrote:
 One slight disagreement I have is over the force of "father" in English.
>You say that it is not single-generation-specific, and can thus simply mean
>"ancestor"; however, I don't find evidence of such a use in English.

Yeah, good question. I believe I immediately had in mind two instances:

1. The hymn "Faith of our Fathers."

2. A translation of Hebrews 11:14 I had read (of which I have possessed
many) that translated the word PATRIS as "fatherland." But of course
fatherland is not the same word as "father."

Then again, my brain is not purely English in culture, since I grew up
amidst the speaking of dozens of languages, most of whose words for father
included the idea of grandfather and uncle and great uncle also.

Dave Palmer

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