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Date: Wed Dec 01 1999 - 17:22:47 EST

>From: Theodore H Mann <>

> Mounce's system reduces the need to
> memorize (and continually re-memorize) 50-some-odd paradigms. Lastly,
> his text is tied into several other helpful volumes published by
> Zondervan as a series: Mounce's "Basics of Biblical Greek," "Graded
> Reader of Biblical Greek" and "Morphology of Biblical Greek," Wallace's
> "Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics," and Trenchard's "Complete Vocabulary
> Guide to the Greek New Testament."

While I certainly understand why Ted appreciates this set of books, I
would like to add that it is precisely the "package deal" approach which
I think has problems if you are trying to bring students up to a
moderate level of linguistic competence as well as teach them NT Greek.

Instead of talking about Mounce and Wallace we should just call it the
Zondervan school of Biblical Greek. Since the problems seem to be
associated with the kind of authors which Zondervan chooses for these

After much exposure to the Zondervan school of Biblical Greek and the
Zondervan school of a whole lot of other topics it is no mystery to me
why Bruce Waltke and M. O'Conner elected to publish their work on Hebrew
Syntax through Eisenbrauns.

The difference between the Bruce Waltke and M. O'Conner book and the
Mounce/Wallace series is not a difference in degree but a difference in
kind. They are different kinds of books intended for different kinds of
audiences and if I am going to lay out my own $$$ for a reference work
it will be the Bruce Waltke and M. O'Conner kind of book.

I suspect this is a matter of taste so probably isn't worth arguing


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