Re: Ign. Eph. 15:3, Romans 5:12

From: Jeffrey B. Gibson (
Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 14:47:55 EST

Bill Ross wrote:

> Bill, I don't want to say nor do I mean that you're wrong about this, but I
> do think you ought to consider an alternative to what you're asserting
> here. Do YOU, in writing an e-mail or in conversation, sometimes say "since
> ..." and sometimes say "because ..." without meaning any significant
> difference whatsoever?
> <Bill>
> Than you, Carl, for your balancing point, which certainly applies to many
> situations where words are thoroughly interchangable. "Since" and "because"
> are indeed often used 100% synonymously with zero difference intended.
> On the other hand, DIA is so commonly used to mean "because" (ie: agency)
> that the sudden appearance of the words EF W (which appear only 4 times in
> the NT) I feel demand that the reader suspect that there is a reason. Glibly
> assuming that it is identical in meaning as "DIA" seem profoundly naive to
> me! Especially in the one verse in the NT that *seems to* be an explicit
> reference to "original sin."


Given (a) that you haven't taken into account here how DIA and EPH W are
used in
Hellenistic literature outside the New Testament in your assertion about
what these
terms can and cannot or do or do not mean , and (b) that you seem to
imply that the
semantic range of a term used in any NT writing is to be determined by
examining only
that term's NT usage, I wonder whether your statement that anyone who
says DIA and
EPH W are synonymous terms is naive and makes "glib" assumption, is not
an instance
of petitio principii?

> And as I showed its usage in Acts 7:33, it need not be idiomatic at all.

Need not is not the same as is not. And without a full examination of
the use of the
term in question in the culture in which NT writers operated and from
which they
derived the meanings of the words they used, I think your claim presumes
too much. So
I wonder whether you are not operating here from the assumption that the
way Luke
uses the term is determinative for the way Paul uses it.


Jeffrey Gibson

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