RE: Ign. Eph. 15:3, Romans 5:12

From: Bill Ross (
Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 14:11:19 EST

<Bill>.... and so I look for what might be a subtle but profound difference.

Bill, I don't want to say nor do I mean that you're wrong about this, but I
do think you ought to consider an alternative to what you're asserting
here. Do YOU, in writing an e-mail or in conversation, sometimes say "since
..." and sometimes say "because ..." without meaning any significant
difference whatsoever?

Than you, Carl, for your balancing point, which certainly applies to many
situations where words are thoroughly interchangable. "Since" and "because"
are indeed often used 100% synonymously with zero difference intended.

On the other hand, DIA is so commonly used to mean "because" (ie: agency)
that the sudden appearance of the words EF W (which appear only 4 times in
the NT) I feel demand that the reader suspect that there is a reason. Glibly
assuming that it is identical in meaning as "DIA" seem profoundly naive to
me! Especially in the one verse in the NT that *seems to* be an explicit
reference to "original sin."

And as I showed its usage in Acts 7:33, it need not be idiomatic at all.

Bill Ross

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