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<< to place the term "Yahweh" into Matthew's text
 at Mt 4:4 appears unconscionable. One is NO LONGER translating, rather one
 is doing very speculative historical reconstruction. Even if we knew for a
 fact that Jesus spoke Aramaic or Hebrew and not Greek (which we don't), we
 don't even know for a fact that Jesus would have spoken the word "Yahweh"
 (or anything similar; as opposed to using "Adonai" or something similar).
 Introducing "Yahweh" or "Jehovah" into a translation of the Greek text of
 the NT seems to me to be a gross violation of any reasonable norms of

Personally I think you're being a little hard on Solomon here. I fail to see
how putting the Tetragrammaton or the word Yahweh in a text like Mt 4:4 can
be classified as a "very speculative historical reconstruction." I think it
is a red herring to try and figure out what language Jesus spoke in. The
important point for me is--which version of Scripture did Jesus use? The
answer: IMHO Jesus probably used the Palestinian version of the LXX. I cannot
say for sure, but there is certainly scholarly evidence that supports such a
notion. If Jesus did in fact use the LXX, and the early copies of the LXX had
the consonants YHWH in them, it is a travesty if a translation does NOT
include them. George Howard has also done work on this issue, and can
delineate the problems and issues better than I can. I just wanted to show
why I do not think including YHWH in the NT is an example of speculative
historic reconstruction.


Edgar Foster

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